Who We Are

Alkaloid is present on the Croatian market for more than 50 years, as one of the biggest generic companies. 

Generations grew with our products through all these years and thus created tradition - the tradition of our quality. 

Through its business operations Alkaloid developed continuously its good co-operation with health professionals and insitutions.

Alkaloid d.o.o. based in Zagreb employs over 50 employees, mostly highly educated staff. We are present on the market with a wide portfolio of medicines and food supplements, as well as medical devices. 

With high quality products and services, continuous improvement and advancement of knowledge and technologies, we continuously grow in the market. Alkaloid ranks 6th in terms of volume sales on the Croatian market, according to IQVIA database, vol (units) MAT March 2022. 

We are also a company that is socially aware and guided by the principles of social responsibility and humane portfolio aimed primarily at its end users, our patients.